Hope and Healing Corporate Training and Facilitation


If you are looking for a meeting facilitator or moderator, I can help. I provide facilitation for strategic planning sessions, management retreats, conferences, and business focus groups. It's your meeting or conference, and what you want to accomplish is unique to you and your company. I offer energetic, positive group planning as well as team-building and decision-making facilitation.


If you have identified a knowledge, skill, or attitude gap in your company, it's time for training. Even the dullest of material can be made interactive, participatory, interesting, and fun! Because people have different learning styles, creating a training program that meets all of these styles can be a challenge. I can show you how to make training memorable and effective.


I write articles for publication about leadership, personal responsibility, spirituality and "following your bliss." If you'd like more information about custom articles for your company newsletter, newspaper, magazine or other publication, give me a call or drop me an email.