Hope and Healing Grief and loss


Grief & Bereavement

Grieving is about loving and loss. The intensity of feelings can be difficult to describe, and can be overwhelming. It's normal to feel sadness, anger, loneliness, hopelessness, loss of control, fear, guilt, and sometimes relief. My clients are widows, widowers, crime victims, survivors of dysfunctional families and veterans of wars. I assist survivors of accidents, rapes, assaults, and diseases. Perhaps you are a friend of or related to one of the above. All of us have experienced loss, disappointments, setbacks and heartbreaks. We all need to grieve. Perhaps the most profound reason for dealing with your feelings and grief is the matter of your spiritual growth and physical well-being. Grief therapy gives you the tools for dealing with change and loss.


Pet Loss Therapy

Because pets occupy such special places in our hearts and invariably seem like members of our family, the loss or death of a pet naturally leaves us with deep emotions and feelings of sadness. Grief is a normal part of the healing process, but sometimes pet owners hide their emotions or refuse to recognize them. The grieving process may be complicated by factors such as lack of understanding by relatives and friends, or by guilt associated with euthanasia or the release of an animal to a shelter. Comments such as "it was just an animal" or "you can always get another one," even if well-intentioned, tend to complicate the grief process. Although there are signs of change, our culture hasn't always validated the human-animal bond with bereavement rituals and support systems for those who have lost their companion animals.